Who needs Counseling?

We all need counseling at one point or another of our lives because  everyone sometimes, experience difficulties in life.  When these difficulties interfere with how we are feeling or our ability to function, then it is okay to need help or support from other

Is seeking counseling a sign of weakness?

How confidential are counseling sessions?

Participation in counseling  is private and confidential. No one can find out about your information.counseling centre singapore

Your counselor handles confidential material very carefully. The only exception for confidentiality is if there is a risk to your safety or other people's safety.

Is counseling a long-term commitment?

Not necessarily. It very much depends on your needs.

Sometimes one session can be enough to clarify doubts or release tension. At other times, more sessions are required. Counseling is however a process that can start and stop at anytime.

The opposite. Asking for help when we  need it demonstrates great strength. Sometimes we feel we should be able to resolve our  problems on our own, but none of us can solve all of our problems alone all the time. Letting another person help us  is an indication of strength because, it takes a lot of courage to face and share our problems. Once we have decided to get help, we have already taken a big step toward positive change.


Why should I go to counseling?

If you are thinking about whether counseling could be helpful to you, ask the following questions to yourself:


Do you feel really sad, frustrated,or lonely?

Do you feel especially angry,annoyed or out of control?

Do you feel very anxious,worried or guilty?

Are you experiencing some problems at home,at school or in your working place?

Have you noticed some changes in the way you sleep, eat or think and feel about life?Counseling centre Singapore

Is it hard for you to talk about these feelings with your family members or friends?

Are these feelings having a bad effect on your life?

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